The Art of Letting Go. Breath Workshop February 15th

February 8, 2019

Letting go is a tough one...Let go of a past relationship, your wounds, your ego, your fears, YOUR SELF SABOTAGE, your negative disbelieves, parental distorted mirrors, energies that does not serve you anymore, people who take you for granted, food that does not bring nourishment to your soul, OLD COMFORTABLE  LUKE-WARM 'RAT RACE' PUDDLES, THE OLD SELF, your judgements, the need to be accepted and being approved by others, your old habits, clutters in your life, the comfortable feeling of being and staying small, not being seen and heard, hiding under the bed, in the shadow, beating yourself up, being a perfectionist, giving giving and constantly just giving, stepping over your inner child lying on the frozen tiles of the floor of the living room, waiting to be seen and loved by ANYONE for once in a lifetime.


and the list goes on and on and on. Are you ready to let go of all of this? Finally? For all? It worths a try. Who knows maybe you will be free once in your life...and you realize that when you truly spread your wings you might as well reach the sky... 

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